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The Fiat 605C came to Australia in the early 1970’s and is powered by the Fiat 8045-02 motor which is a four cylinder motor with a 100mm bore and produces around 65 horsepower. This machine was a follow on from the 505 and 555 agricultural dozers with improvements made to the idlers and track rollers which included a change from grease type to oil filled and better seals as well.

The 605C SUPER was released in the mid 1970’s until 1984 with several modifications to the standard 605C, these included the addition of a draft control to the three point linkage and some upgrades to the gearbox. The 605C SUPER is still extremely popular mainly because they have the three point linkage as well as power take off which makes these machines ideal for slashing and working hilly country as the horsepower is perfect for these types of application. Blades were not part of the original imported machine as they were imported as an agricultural tractor and blades were retrofitted once in Australia . The total weight of the machine 3.5 MT (including the blade), this is another attraction of this machine as they are not particularly heavy.  We keep a large quantity of parts for these machines in stock and they are well priced in comparison to other dozer and undercarriage parts.

605 C Super



The Fiat 415 entered production in 1965 and continued through until 1968, it was rated at 45 engine horsepower at 2500 RPM and 41 power take off horsepower.  This was the same power plant as used in the 411R, a 4cylinder 615.000 diesel.  This engine has an 85mm bore and 100mm stroke giving it a capacity of 138.5 cubic inch.  It ran a Bosch injector pump and the firing order is the standard  The 415 tractor ran 24 volt electrics, a 9 inch clutch with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.  Overall it was very similar mechanically to the 411R but the panel work was totally different, with the most obvious difference being that the new shape had evolved into more squared panels and grills and the bonnet was hinged on the left hand side.  Dry weight was 3,500lb (1.585T) with a wheel base of 1.93 metres; standard tyres were 6.00 x 16 fronts and 12.4 x 28 on the rear with a turning radius of 3.2 metres.  The 415 is still commonly used within Australia with most mechanical parts still available and we stock most parts for this tractor.

The 605 is still very popular and keenly sought after by the small property owner and a machine in good condition and will bring $20,000.00 to $25, 0000.00.

FIAT 415



The 70CI came to Australia in the early 1960’s. It is a 75 horse power industrial crawler tractor which when imported from Italy was bought into Australia with no blades, rippers and hydraulic system, these parts were manufactured in Australia and all fitted when the machines arrived.

Importing without these components ensured that they could be classified for customs purposes as agricultural machines and therefore did not attract too much import duty, at this time industrial and mining machinery had huge import duties.

In the late 1960’s the 70CI models in Australia  had a name change to AT7 (Angle Tilt). Apart from the upgraded track rollers and grease pump up and  track adjusters as against spanner adjustment on the 70CI, and better sealing of final drives and as well as oil type master clutch on the later AT7’s there were not many other changes.

FIAT-415The 70CI which was equivalent to a CAT D4 weighs about 9.5 tonnes with rippers and blade, with its long stroke and big bore 4 cylinder motor with a maximum 1400rpm it has an extremely  high torque motor at  low revs with excellent fuel economy.

We carry more parts for the AT7’s than for any other model as there are so many still in service, we have every gear for this machine in stock.